CPR/First Aid Hands-on Training in Phoenix, Arizona


Welcome to our testimonial page! Below you will find real stories from our students who have put the skills they learned from our classes into practice!


Car Accident

Hi, I have taken multiple CPR classes from you. Recently, I was driving to work and I stopped at an accident where there was an overturned semi truck (turned on its side, on the driver's side). There were multiple onlookers who had stopped but no one was doing anything. I instructed one woman to call 9-1-1 while I tried to alert the driver. He was not responsive and I had bystanders help lower me into the cab of the truck. As I entered the truck I noticed that the man was not breathing. I released his seatbelt to try to get him out to begin CPR but his legs were trapped and I wasn't strong enough to move him. I turned him so that his back was on the ground (laying against the driver's side window) and I put on a barrier mask. I began to do CPR and continued to do CPR for what felt like hours. When the fire department arrived, they picked me up out of the truck and began working on the man. I had been doing compressions and breathing for 17 minutes. They gave me oxygen and I watched them administer shocks through the AED while cutting out the windshield. I don't know what the outcome was, but I do know that he would have not had a chance at all if I hadn't been there and remembered my training. No one else was doing anything at all to help this man. They hadn't even called 9-1-1 yet. Thank you for teaching me these skills - they gave me confidence to save a life. -Megan

Skills Used at Work

Hi Patrice, I just wanted to let you know that yesterday at work, I helped save a older man's life.  He came in but wasn't very energetic and I asked him if he was okay and he mentioned that he felt tired.  I told him that I would keep an eye on him and let him go to the rower, which he normally gets on.  After about 5-10 minutes and helping another member with a spot on the bench, I saw a couple people talking to him and went over.  I asked if he was okay again, but not much response and I noticed he was sweating a lot.  I thought, he is either having a heart attack, stroke or is diabetic.  At this point I didn't have time to look at his file and see but after myself and another member helped him and after I called 911 and they were there, did I look at his file, which the another co-worker had pulled out.  I could see that he was diabetic and his blood sugar was 30 so we tried to give him apple juice and glucose tablets, since that's all we had.  A couple guys and myself lifted him and laid him on mats that we put on the floor but he wasn't very responsive at this point.  This was just before the fire department came to take over. Anyway, thanks to the training you provided and having it over the years, I noticed the warning signs and gave the assistance I could, as well as the other member until the medical care could come.  I write this because I remember telling you that I never had to use these skills over the years that I've had them and yesterday was the day I had too.  Also, I hardly ever pack a PB&J sandwich but I decided to yesterday since it is a short work week and I didn't feel like making my normal lunch.  They asked if anyone had a PB&J or knew of where to get one and I said, I have one, so I believe it was a blessing and I was supposed to make that sandwich yesterday. Well, I just thought I would share that with you and thank you again for your teaching, I really appreciate it. Have a great Thanksgiving day and weekend! God Bless! Matthew