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As a mother is driving, she thinks to herself: My baby is asleep, he really needs this nap or he is going to be CRANKY for the rest of the day… but I really need formula to feed him when he wakes up.. I will only be in the store for maybe 5 minutes at most, I’ll just run in really quick and let him rest…

STOP, Don’t do it! Even at just 90 degrees outside, within 10 minutes, the inside of your car will reach 109 degrees when turned off.


Below is a summary of the ...

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Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Ashtray Mess Traditional Tobacco Causes Cancer

If someone you love is a smoker… get CPR certified today… Register HERE

Many smokers don’t connect with the major risk factors of smoking. They hear terms like “lung cancer” and “heart disease” and it seems like a sickness that they could never catch. Maybe they don’t have pre-existing conditions, maybe they don’t have a family history of smoking related diseases, or maybe a family member they knew and loved smoked for years and lived long healthy lives...

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