CPR/First Aid Hands-on Training in Phoenix, Arizona

Blended Course Prices

BLENDED/ONLINE CLASSES:  We are pleased to offer our new ASHI Blended CPR/ First-Aid Courses. The majority of companies today require some or all of their employees to be CPR and/or First-Aid certified. This training is usually offered onsite at the place of employment taking over four hours of valuable work time: a very costly employer expense. The online lecture portion of the courses can be purchased on our EZPAYPAL page and then completed at anytime and at the students own pace.   For certification purposes, the online course  must be followed by a scheduled hands on skills check-off conducted by one of our professional certified CPR/First-Aid instructors saving the employers and students hours of classroom instruction.  These skills sessions are often much more personalized and if you are an individual getting your own personal training your hands on training may likely be a one on one training which many people prefer.  For more information or to set up a blended course, please contact us, 623.398.5811, and we will send you the information you need to get started.  For information on setting up and completing AHA blended courses, please call us, 623.398.5811.  If you have already taken and completed the first portion of the AHA blended course and are needing to just do your hands on skills session, please call us, 623.398.5811, and we can schedule your time.


Basic CPR Adult/Child/Infant Certification: $40.00

Medical Professional CPR Pro Certification:  $45.00

First Aid Certification: $40.00

Basic CPR & First Aid Certification: $50.00

Medical Professional CPR Pro & First Aid Certification: $55.00

          Special Group Rates Available

Military Discount Available Please inquire