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Son Brings Father Back to Life with CPR & AED

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CBS AZ News posted this incredible story on 10/31/14:

 See the video HERE

They wrote:

A prominent local businessman is recovering after his son says he died and was brought back to life on the tennis courts. WTOC spoke to Shell Solomon’s family Friday who explained how this horrifying experience turned into somewhat of a miracle.

Joel Solomon said his dad collapsed on the tennis courts at the Wilmington Island Club Wednesday night. He was unresponsive and had no pulse but they were able to turn that around when they used a defibrillator to shock him.

“My dad was having the best game of his life and he went into sudden cardiac arrest,” said Joel Solomon.

It was supposed to be just another night on the tennis courts for Solomon and his father; they were playing doubles on opposing teams but never got to finish their match.

“He was serving to me and took a step back and did a 180 and then collapsed down,” said Solomon.

That’s when everyone who was playing nearby dropped their rackets and began CPR while someone ran for the defibrillator at the clubhouse.

“After it administered the shock, he came back to life,” said Solomon. CPR


Solomon said the defibrillator was the game changer. It’s a device that walks you through the steps to shock someone who doesn’t have a pulse.

He said doctors told him his dad went into cardiac arrest which is an immediate lethal switch to your heart. Unlike some heart attacks, most people who go into cardiac arrest don’t live to tell the tale.

“I watched him die in my hands,” said Solomon. “I can’t even talk about it.”

While still overwhelmed by the whole experience, Solomon said they are counting their blessings.

“Once the shock hit, he was back. Without that, we would be planning for a funeral right now,” said Solomon.

Fortunately, instead of a funeral, they’re planning a wedding. Mr. Solomon was supposed to get married this weekend but of course that’s been pushed back. He’s expected to make full recovery and his son said he plans to get back on the tennis courts.

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