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How Flammable Is Your Child’s Halloween Costume?

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Halloween is such a fun time of year! Babies in adorable puffy bumble bee costumes, princesses, super heroes… the kids have almost as much candy as they do imagination! One thing to remember as a parent, as we snap pictures and monitor sugar intake, is that most halloween costumes (Child and Adult) are very flammable. Some costumes say “non-flammable” or “flame resistant” but, after undergoing the flame test, have disintegrated in a few short seconds.


Here are some tips to remember to keep you and your children safe in their adorable costumes this coming Halloween night!


1. Be aware of any potential fire hazard. Are you gathered around a fire pit or fireplace while the kids play? Just remember that capes and princess dresses can easily catch an ember or a small flicker of a flame when running by. Are there smokers around? They might flick the butts of their cigarettes on the ground and costumes that drag on the ground can become a quick casualty. Be aware of your child’s surroundings.

2. Educate your children. Before you start your evening, remind the kids what to do in the event of a fire emergency: STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Remember to tell them not to run, running will fan the flames and increase the damage.


3. Know how to treat a burn. You can take a First Aid class with us by clicking HERE. Don’t have time? Remember to NEVER put anything on a burn other than ROOM TEMPERATURE WATER (NEVER PUT ICE ON A BURN). When Halloween costumes burn, most of them melt and stick to the skin, never try to remove anything stuck to the skin. Remove loose clothing but leave anything stuck to the skin to a medical professional.

4. Call 9-1-1! Never hesitate to call 9-1-1 in the event of a burning situation. The body can quickly and easily go into shock which could lead to the need of CPR and an AED. You can learn how to do CPR and operate an AED (the machine that shocks the heart) by taking one of our classes: CLICK HERE to register for a class today.

Most importantly, remember to stay safe and HAVE FUN out there this Halloween!!!