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New Smartphone APP – Tells you when someone needs CPR!

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Want to be a superhero? There is a new smartphone app that helps you be just that! “PulsePoint” is the name of the app and it alerts you when 9-1-1 has been called to a location that is very close to you! It works like this:


“Imagine that you are in a restaurant having lunch with a few friends. You hear a siren in the distance and think to yourself, “I wonder where they are going?” The siren gets louder and closer, and then you actually see a fire engine approaching in the distance. Suddenly, surprisingly, the engine turns into the parking lot and parks right in front of the crowded restaurant where you’re eating. That’s when you learn that right next door, someone is unconscious after suffering a cardiac arrest. If you only knew, maybe you could have made a difference.

This scenario will likely be a thing of the past as the PulsePoint app gains widespread adoption. PulsePoint Respond is an innovative new location-aware phone application that empowers everyday citizens to provide life-saving assistance to victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Communities can now use the application to dispatch CPR-trained citizens to major cardiac emergencies where the potential need for bystander CPR is high.

Notifications are made simultaneously with the dispatch of paramedics to anyone within the area that is CPR-trained and has indicated their willingness and ability to assist during an SCA emergency. These notifications are only made if the victim is in a public place and only to potential rescuers that are in the immediate vicinity of the emergency. When notifications do occur they intend to target potential citizen rescuers that are primarily within walking distance of the event.

At the time of need, users that have opted-in receive a push notification accompanied by a distinctive alert tone. The notification is followed by a map display showing the dispatched location of the emergency along with the precise location of the citizen rescuer – providing for easy navigation between the two. The map display also shows the exact location of the nearest AEDs. In many cases nationwide, nearby AEDs have not been used when they may have made a big difference. The application aims to address this type of failure by informing citizen rescuers where the nearest AED is located – in real-time and in context of their current location.” (This is sourced from PulsePoint’s website: http://www.pulsepoint.org)


Don’t think this could really happen? It already has! “On Friday, May 9, 2014 off-duty firefighter Scott Brawner was working out at a local health club when he received an alert through PulsePoint, a 9-1-1 connected mobile app designed to alert CPR-trained citizens of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergencies in their proximity. This alert saved a man’s life.

Using the map presented by the PulsePoint app, Scott immediately made his way to the reported patient location. In less than a minute, Scott found the man unconscious in the parking lot outside of the health facility where a security guard had first found him unresponsive and called 9-1-1. Scott immediately assessed and began hands-only CPR. He continued providing chest compressions until paramedics from American Medical Response (AMR) and Clackamas Fire District #1 arrived to provide advanced care.” (This is sourced from PulsePoint’s website: http://www.pulsepoint.org)


What about AED’s? We all know that AED’s are the number 1 lifesaver in a cardiac emergency! Download PulsePoint’s sister app: “PulsePoint AED” and, upon approaching an emergency situation, you can quickly open PulsePoint AED and it will locate all AED’s that are within walking distance from your location!


Don’t delay! REGISTER HERE for a CPR class at our Phoenix or Peoria location TODAY! Then, download the PulsePoint and PulsePoint AED app on your phone, and secure your superhero cape in case of an emergency!