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Watch Real Life CPR On A Real Person

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It’s one thing to read about CPR on detailed pamphlets. It’s another thing to take a CPR class, watch a video, and practice on a manikin, it’s an entirely traumatic event if you ever have to preform CPR on a person in real life.

There are factors that you cannot control such as the victim vomiting continuously, family members throwing themselves onto the victim while trying to turn on an AED (the machine that shocks the heart), the shock of seeing what the victim looks like in real life.

At 123 CPR, we hope that you never have to be in this situation, but if you do, it is best to be prepared. Please take one of our classes by clicking HERE and watch the video below of a real life rescue done on an Australian beach. WARNING: It is GRAPHIC and it is REAL so please be aware of this before viewing the video. Notice the confidence in the workers telling friends to BACK AWAY before shocking the victim; notice how much fluid in constantly coming out of the victim’s nose and mouth – THIS IS WHY WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BARRIERS to protect yourself again diseases! This is a very alarming video, but it can definitely prepare you for what you could possibly encounter one day: