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Hot Summers, Hot Cars, Tragic Deaths

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As a mother is driving, she thinks to herself: My baby is asleep, he really needs this nap or he is going to be CRANKY for the rest of the day… but I really need formula to feed him when he wakes up.. I will only be in the store for maybe 5 minutes at most, I’ll just run in really quick and let him rest…

STOP, Don’t do it! Even at just 90 degrees outside, within 10 minutes, the inside of your car will reach 109 degrees when turned off.


Below is a summary of the information KidsAndCars.org has been gathering for over a decade.

• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2013 as of 10/4/13:  43
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2012:  33
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2011 : 33
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2010:  49
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths for 2009:  33
• Child vehicular heat stroke deaths to date (as of 5/21/13): Well over 650



A mother’s tragic story:

It was our usual busy morning. Our oldest daughter didn’t have daycare and my husband was going to stay home with her. Kate went to a different daycare so I was going to drop her off before I went to work. Normally, I dropped both girls off, but that day was different and so I took a different route to work – a route a normally took when I was alone.

I had fed Kate, dressed her in a new cute pink dress, and then my husband placed her in her carseat. I carried her out to our minivan and as soon as I placed her in the backseat (behind the driver’s seat), she was sound asleep. Driving to work, I started thinking about all the things I had to get done at work and home. I somehow got on “autopilot” and arrived at work without dropping Kate off at daycare.

I worked the entire day without ever going back out to my minivan. In my mind, I had dropped Kate off. After work, I went to her daycare to pick her up; only then did I realize she was still in my van. I don’t remember much after that, just people trying to resuscitate her and my agonizing disbelief that I had “forgotten” my own beautiful baby girl.

Nothing has been the same since that day. Our family is slowly healing with the help of our faith, family and friends – yet I am still trying to understand how and why this happened. The truth is, it happens more than people realize. The reason we are sharing our story is to raise awareness so that this will never happen to another family. Please carefully read the safety recommendations on the website and take them to heart.


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