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Kids & Water – How Safe Is Your Home?

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This year (2014), in the city of Phoenix, Arizona alone, we have already had *23 drowning incidents, 5 of which were fatalities. In 2013, we had 82 drowning incidents, 20 of which were fatalities. In 2014, 13 of the 23 incidents were children and in 2013, 49 of the victims were children. How safe is your home?

DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!! Take proactive measures to keep your children safe around water TODAY! Here are some ways to do just that!

TAKE A CPR CLASS: In the event that all safety options fail, it is wise and responsible to be trained in Adult, Child, & Infant CPR. It is a short class that will teach you how to save your child’s life in the event of an emergency! Visit our list of classes by clicking HERE!


GET A BARRIER: Barriers do NOT stop and start at fences. Children are smart and curious which can be a dangerous combination with water! Put a fence around your pool, lock it with a padlock, hide the key somewhere the child cannot find it, and remove chairs surrounding the fence so the child cannot climb over it! Think it’s impossible? Check out this video:

Pool Fence Safety

GET AN ALARM: There is a new water safety alarm called the Safety Turtle and we LOVE them! A little bracelet goes onto your child’s wrist, and an alarm is mounted inside the home (portable if needed). At the first touch of water on the bracelet, the alarm will sound! This means that your child will be kept safe around ALL bodies of water, not JUST your pool! Get the Safety Turtle HERE!


RESPECT WATER: Many people don’t understand how dangerous water can be. Children can drown in as little as 1 inch of water! Where are children left supervised around 1 or more inches of water? Bathtubs, buckets of soapy water while washing the car, grass puddles, pools, toilets, the list goes on… don’t ever assume that a little bit of water isn’t dangerous!

ESTABLISH GROUND RULES: There are many safe ground rules that can be established ahead of time. Rules like: There must always be an adult in the pool area if the child wants to swim, they must wear their life jackets until a certain age, they must learn to swim by a certain age (google local infant & child swim classes near you!), etc… establishing rules will help keep your child safe!

Water is so fun! Take measures in your home so it can be enjoyed safely!

*Drowning statistics found HERE