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Struggling to lose weight? Headaches? Tired?

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You’re dehydrated…. it is pretty same to assume… especially if you live in AZ. 75% of North Americans are dehydrated and I’m pretty sure about 99% of all Arizona residents living in the Phoenix area are! Look at the stats below! With summer coming, we NEED to stay hydrated!! If you don’t like water, here are some helpful hints for keeping up with your WATER intake:

-Get a humidifier in your room… when you’re sleeping, your skin will absorb the water in the air.

-Get used it! I know it sounds bad, BUT if you force yourself to start drinking water, your body will begin to cleanse itself of toxins and actually CRAVE the water you so much dislike! If you don’t like the taste of water, you are probably dehydrated!

-Find a water/water filter/reusable water bottle that works for you! Not every brand tastes the same… and not every water bottle fits all! Find one that works for you!

-Always refill your water bottle after drinking it, even if you aren’t thirsty.. it will remind you to replenish!!

-Drinks like soda, tea, and coffee can actually DEHYDRATE you!

-Our bodies LOSE 90oz of water a day!! How much are you drinking to replace it!!????

Check out the picture below for incredible facts/helpful hints