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Stay Fit at Work – Protect that Heart & Waistline!

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OK OK OK … we KNOW the excuses, “I don’t have time to work out” “I have physical restrictions” “I am constantly on the go, when I get home I just need to relax” … all completely valid. I know from experience that working ALL day long at a desk in a sedentary position can be mentally and physically exhausting, ESPECIALLY if you pair it with an unhealthy diet of vending machine foods and caffeine!


I have to say, if you are too busy to work out, then you will definitely be putting a lot on hold to recover from a heart attack, a blood clot built in the leg from sitting all day long, etc… click the picture above to GET PROACTIVE and learn 8 VERY SIMPLE ways to stay active and eat satisfying healthy meals while you work! And no, none of them involve starving yourself or sitting on a giant bouncy ball all day long!